This is a brief summary of our policies and procedures, which may be of interest to you. A full set of our policies and procedures is available on request.


Behaviour Policy


We believe in promoting positive behaviour and encourage children to have consideration for others, their surroundings and property.

All staff are required to adopt a positive approach to behaviour management, reflecting in their responses to individual children, that it is the behaviour that is unacceptable, not the child.

Continuous unacceptable behaviour will be discussed with the child's key person and parents to ensure a consistent approach between home and Nursery in resolving such behaviour.

No child will ever be physically punished, neither is it acceptable for staff to adopt an approach that may prove humiliating for the child.


Special Needs Policy


Staff in the Nursery are trained to acknowledge and meet the specific needs of children who may be experiencing difficulties in certain areas. We have an identified special educational needs coordinator who will support families and other staff in ensuring that educational programmes are modified or adapted to reflect the particular needs of individual children.

Our building is designed to be accessible to all.


Illness Policy


For the safety and well-being of all our children and staff, the Nursery operates an exclusion policy for infectious diseases. We ask that parents do not send children who are unwell to Nursery, for their own and others well-being.

If your child becomes unwell during the day, their condition will be assessed and carefully monitored by senior management; naturally we will immediately contact you. If your child shows any sign of an infectious or viral disease they will need to be collected immediately in order to protect the other children and staff within the Nursery. We will administer prescribed medicines upon receipt of signed instructions form parents / carers.


Equal Opportunities


We value each child as an individual, regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, gender or religion.

The equipment activities and play opportunities of the Nursery are organised to reflect this policy.


Food and Nutrition


The Nursery will provide carefully planned, nutritionally balanced and freshly prepared food. We are part of Bedfordshire Healthy Eating for Under 5s Award, which sets targets to meet nutritional guidelines for meals, snacks and drinks, and includes related health issues. We have successfully achieved all our targets since the scheme started in 1998.

We will make meal times a relaxed sociable, enjoyable experience, and encourage our children to try a range of foods.

A hot 2-course meal is served at lunch time and a high tea is provided in the afternoons. In addition to these, snacks (typically fruit, vegetables, cheese, variety of breads / crackers, milk / water) are served mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

It is very important that parents advise us of any individual religious or health requirements that your child may have.


Admissions Policy


To register your child for a Nursery place, simply complete and return a Nursery Registration form along with the registration fee. Once registered, we will inform you of your start date or place on the waiting list. The Neighbourhood Nursery offers priority places for families living in the Goldington and Putnoe ward. All places are offered subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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